Best Trend for the Winter: Cozy Knits

Fall arrived a few days ago and even if I miss the sun and the beach, I must conform myself and start looking for good trends for this season. Knits seem to be one of the key trends to face the cold and I’m so glad! Love the coziness of the material and it makes me feel more comfortable under the rain and the grey sky. I don’t like pure wool because it’s so uncomfortable against the skin, but I will surely choose some great mixed fiber pieces from my old closet and get some new ones. Take a look at these wonderful ideas to go for this trend with some good and original pieces.

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3 thoughts on “Best Trend for the Winter: Cozy Knits

  1. Is it weird that I get excited about knit wear? I love a comfortable and if possible fluffy jumper (sweater). But I must admit the last pic you posted it looks very complicated to wear plus scary giant pin! But it’s a great top to wear if you suddenly find yourself inside and it’s super hot you can just take it off easily unlike a jumper.

    I love my Mango grey/marl jumper as it’s super comfortable:

    P.S. Love your blog 🙂

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