Asian Bohemian in Vogue China August 2015

I’m in love with this beautiful editorial for the August 2015 issue of Vogue China. Yin Chao, the photographer behind the lens of the camera, was able to capture the beauty of these bohemian looks, styled by the talented Candy Lee. Everything works so well: the colors, the patterns, the embroideries, all in such beautiful pieces. The soft florals are to die for and the colors are irresistible. I want to be this person.

jessie-hsu-by-yin-chao-for-vogue-china-august-2015-1 jessie-hsu-by-yin-chao-for-vogue-china-august-2015-3 jessie-hsu-by-yin-chao-for-vogue-china-august-2015-4 jessie-hsu-by-yin-chao-for-vogue-china-august-2015-5 jessie-hsu-by-yin-chao-for-vogue-china-august-2015-6 jessie-hsu-by-yin-chao-for-vogue-china-august-2015


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