BAM Fall/Winter 2014/15

It’s been a long time since I last posted an article at Neonscope, but when I found out about this collection by Portuguese designer Ana Menezes, I just knew I had to put my humble skills to work and write about the BAM Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection. It was inspired by the grey colors of Azores, the beautiful Portuguese islands and the clean lines of Japanese culture. All the pieces are very wearable and pleasing to any woman who wants to stand out without causing a fuss. Every single garment as a detail that makes it special. See some of the pieces here and read my full article in Neonscope here.

ana-menezes-01 ana-menezes-02 ana-menezes-03 ana-menezes-04 ana-menezes-05


Jean Louis Sabaji Dresses

Couture might not be my thing, but when I see a beautiful impressive dress, I vow to the creator who had the imagination to come up with that. And this is my last discovery: Jean Louis Sabaji. This Lebanese American designer creates breathtaking gowns with such an elegance and flair. They surely belong to the red carpet, but they also would fit a fashion museum somewhere.

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Best Trend for the Winter: Cozy Knits

Fall arrived a few days ago and even if I miss the sun and the beach, I must conform myself and start looking for good trends for this season. Knits seem to be one of the key trends to face the cold and I’m so glad! Love the coziness of the material and it makes me feel more comfortable under the rain and the grey sky. I don’t like pure wool because it’s so uncomfortable against the skin, but I will surely choose some great mixed fiber pieces from my old closet and get some new ones. Take a look at these wonderful ideas to go for this trend with some good and original pieces.

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