Moschino Barbie is coming for Summer!… or maybe not

Since I first saw the Moschino Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I felt a little bit divided about the style options and materials. It’s not the first time Jeremy Scott presents a gaudy clothing line with pop inspirations. I was stunned with those Spongebob and McDonalds pieces, too much to handle in my opinion.

These ideas look amazing on the runway, with beautiful models pretending to be real life Barbies, but they don’t make any sense in the real world. I mean, would you wear those oversized plastic belts? Or those tacky ruffled dresses? Not!

This Summer collection is something  that only fits the runway and maybe a few fashion weeks were bloggers go to be seen and talked about. And what better way to be talked about than this? Just wear a full yellow dress with huge plastic buttons.

moschino-spring-summer-2015-01 moschino-spring-summer-2015-02 moschino-spring-summer-2015-03 moschino-spring-summer-2015-04 moschino-spring-summer-2015-05 moschino-spring-summer-2015-06 moschino-spring-summer-2015-07 moschino-spring-summer-2015-08 moschino-spring-summer-2015-09 moschino-spring-summer-2015-10 moschino-spring-summer-2015-11


Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

So yes, Summer is coming and I can’t wait to open the closet to start wearing more fun colors and textures. Because these last sunny days are really putting me in the mood for hot weather, I decided to show you one of my favorite collections for the season. Karl Lagerfeld designed so many colorful pieces with beautiful tweeds and bohemian styles for Spring/Summer 2015. Dark colors also make an appearance to get that classy look. It’s an essential style reference for next season.

Chanel-spring-2015-01 Chanel-spring-2015-02 Chanel-spring-2015-03 Chanel-spring-2015-04 Chanel-spring-2015-05 Chanel-spring-2015-06 Chanel-spring-2015-07